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What is Demerol?

Demerol is the brand name of meperidine which is used for treating moderate to severe pain. It is quite similar to morphine and belongs to the class of drugs called opioid narcotic analgesic. It acts on the brains working by changing how your body feels and respond to pain. It should not be used for ongoing pain. It is taken for the cure for sudden pain attacks. You can BUY DEMEROL ONLINE from our pharmacy.

How to use Demerol?

Before using the medication read the guide which you will get with the pack of medicine. Take your doctor’s advice on how to use the medication. Usually, Demerol is taken orally with or without food. Take it as directed by the doctor or follow instructions on the pack. You can take it every 3 to 4 hours as needed. Do not increase or decrease the dose yourself. The doctor decides the dosage based on the physical condition of the patient. All the instructions are given in the manual which you get when you BUY DEMEROL ONLINE.


When you overdose, immediately seek the help of a doctor. Overdose can be fatal to life. Overdose symptom can be trouble breathing or passing out, etc.

Withdrawal reactions

If someone suddenly stops using the medication, the withdrawal symptoms can be seen if the medicine is used for a long time or in a high dose. Symptoms may include- restlessness, watering eyes, nausea, sweating, muscle ache, etc. To prevent this, your doctor may reduce the doses slowly.

Side effects

Some common side effects of Demerol are- nausea, vomiting, sweating, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, etc.

Some serious symptoms may include- agitation, confusion, hallucination, palpitation, vision problem, difficulty urinating, tremors, loss of appetite, tiredness, weight loss, fainting, seizure, loss of coordination, severe dizziness, severe nausea, unexplained fever, restlessness, etc.

Allergic reactions are rare but if you see any allergic reaction, seek doctor’s help immediately. Some symptoms of allergic reactions can be- rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, trouble breathing, etc. Other details are mentioned on the leaflet when you BUY DEMEROL ONLINE.


  • Tell your doctor about all the medical history and medications you are taking.
  • Breastfeeding can be harmful to the kid if the mother is on medication.
  • Pregnant women should consult the doctor before taking the medication.
  • Keep the medicine at room temperature.
  • Keep it away from kids and pets reach.
  • BUY DEMEROL ONLINE from a trusted pharmacy.


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